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February 7, 2010


Via Bakhyt Kenjeev, and with much gratitude to the great Russian poet Bakhyt, here’s the site of a very interesting artist from Ufa, Bashkiria, Russia, Rinat Voligamsi: The “Informal Album” section of the site is dedicated to V.I. Lenin and his never-extant twin brother, Sergey Ilyich Ulyanov. Overall, smart and hilarious.

The above piece is listed as “Sergey Ilyich Ulyanov with daughter Natasha at Finnish border crossing. 1925.” Here are a few more samples:

Volodya Ulyanov going to the river to drown cat and kittens. 1880


Sergey Ulyanov in his antique shop. Zurich, 1937


S. Ulyanov and L. Trotzky. Mexico, 1938