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April 21, 2010


If you haven’t cruised by Big Think’s website, give it a try.  As you might have put together from their name, they’re dedicated to sharing and discussing of ideas, and have put together quite a panel of thinkers, writers, artists, scientists, and others to discuss whatever happens to be important to those panelists.  SLS Montreal special guest Keith Gessen has his own Big Think page, where you can watch him read from his novel (All the Sad Young Literary Men) or discuss the political role of fiction.  He makes a good case for the humanitarian value of writing, saying, “Fiction still has a real role to play in changing the way that people live,” in its ability to act as something of a mirror for its readers.

February 9, 2010


St. Petersburger Ekaterina Taratuta‘s quirky, imaginative fiction, 101 Minutes — one of the brightest discoveries of the SLS-Russia 2007 “Tamizdat” Russian Literary Contest — on the Words Without Borders website, in Anna Barker’s strong, finely nuanced translation: Ekaterina (Katya), professor of philosophy at St. Petersburg State University, is a good friend of the SLS program.