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January 24, 2011

Knocking on Doors

An interesting insight from SLS Montreal panelist and guest lecturer Steve Almond on his first experience of capitalism and his   work today as a writer.

August 9, 2010

More from the World of Friends of SLS

Kevin Canty’s Everything in the New Yorker

SLS Montreal reader/moderator/community liaison Ian Orti reviewed in The Globe and Mail

Chuck Klosterman catches up with Bill Simmons on the BS Report

February 13, 2010


Sam Lipsyte’s forthcoming novel, The Ask, is being serialized in Five Chapters: Smart, edgy, dark, accelerated writing: Sam, who is a great friend of SLS, former two-time SLS-St. Petersburg faculty, comes closest, in our opinion, to becoming the new incarnation of Joseph Heller — providing a mordant, mirthlessly funny running comment on the sheer absurdity of the American… oh, any modern-day life we’re capable of recognizing, really.

February 11, 2010


From Jayne Ann Phillips, one of SLS’s most favorite people:

Former SLS faculty member Jayne Anne Phillips’ new novel, Lark & Termite, was a National Book Award nominee in fiction, and is also a finalist for the National Book Critic’s Circle Award in Fiction (announced in March).  Jayne Anne Phillips is the Director of the Rutgers-Newark MFA Program.

February 7, 2010


Angie Lee writes:

I was an SLS-St. Petersburg-2008 participant, and one of my stories has just come out in the current issue of Witness. the story is called “Eupcaccia.”

More soon, I hope. Keep up the great work!

February 3, 2010


Ed Pavlic, SLS-Kenya permanent faculty member, has a new book out with Bard University Press: But Here Are Small Clear Refractions. Based on the dhow trip Ed took around the Kenyan Archipelago in 2006, together with Binyavanga Wainaina, Martin Kimani, Usama Goldstein, Mike Vazquez, Gary Dauphin, and YT, among several other people, the book features some seriously beautiful, powerful writing — and tells a fascinating story along the way. It is now available for sale here:  

February 3, 2010


YT’s BBC interview on J.D. Salinger last Saturday, in Russian; start 24-25 minutes into the program:

February 1, 2010


Julie Compton writes:

Hi there,
I a member of the Summer Literary Seminars group on Facebook. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your group, but was excited to learn about your programs in Africa. I traveled to Kenya and Tanzania in 2007, and large portions of my newest novel, RESCUING OLIVIA, are set there and were inspired by the trip. RESCUING OLIVIA hits US bookstore shelves tomorrow, February 2, and will be released in the UK in May. The novel has been described as a cross between a modern-day fairy tale and a contemporary thriller. It’s the story of a Florida biker who sets out a dangerous path to find his girlfriend (Olivia) when she mysteriously disappears from the hospital after a motorcycle crash. His quest takes him from his Florida home to New England and ultimately, to Africa, where Olivia was born. The early reviews have been strong. Kirkus Reviews described it as a “modern-day fairy tale about a princely Florida lawn guy who must rescue his princess from a clutch of monsters” and said that “Compton burrows so deeply into [the characters’] troubled back stories and dramatizes in such psychologically compelling terms the swain’s attempt to rescue his princess . . . that the result is a pleasing hybrid of fairy tale and contemporary thriller.” Publishers Weekly called it an “intense, entertaining second novel” and said “Compton pulls off a super-satisfying resolution.” Booklist called it “a page-turner.”
I’d love the opportunity to share the news of the release with fellow members. Interested readers can learn more at my website,
Thank you. I can’t wait to get back to Africa and I hope to be able to join your group on an upcoming trip.
Julie Compton
TELL NO LIES (2008), Kirkus starred review
RESCUING OLIVIA (coming February 2, 2010)

January 31, 2010


Laura Maria Censabella writes:

Laura Maria Censabella here, former Playwriting Instructor at SLS Russia.

I have just finished the libretto for a commissioned children’s musical entitled O’Sullivan Stew based on the book by the same name.  It will be produced in Hudson, NY this coming May.

My play Carla Cooks The War will be in workshop rehearsal from mid-February to mid-March culminating in a public reading in NYC at the end of the process.
Will announce the date when I know it.

Hope all are well.

January 31, 2010


Alexander Yates writes:

Hello SLS!

On account of you asked–some publications news.  I attended SLS St. Petersburg in 2008 with the hope of revamping my novel, Moondogs.  The trip was very generative for me, and I’ve since sold the novel to Doubleday (forthcoming March/April 2011).  Also, after returning from Russia I wrote a story about my trip, which was a finalist for the American Fiction Prize and is forthcoming in American Fiction, Volume 11 (fall 2010).  That is the sum total of my publications, ever.  I’m thinking I’d better attend again, if I ever want to publish anything else!

Thanks for being awesome.
Alexander Yates