A strongly worded, rather perceptive Mark Ames’s article in The Nation, on the steady rise of anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe and, specifically, the detrimental effect on the overall situation in that respect of some of outgoing Ulraine President Victor Yushchenko’s latest ur-nationalistic moves, with this bracing quote from Dovid Katz:

Dovid Katz, a professor of Yiddish at Vilnius University in Lithuania, said, “This is a plague over the entire anti-Soviet, anti-Russian part of Eastern Europe, this adoration of fascists and racists. It’s an ultranationalism that is anti-Russian and anti-Semitic, that is a social illness.” Katz said that in Lithuania, for example, the government has been moving to prosecute only Jews among surviving veterans of the anti-Nazi Soviet partisans for alleged ‘war crimes’ against Lithuania–but they have yet to punish a single Nazi collaborator, despite the mass extermination of Jews by the Lithuanian units that enthusiastically carried out most of the killing.



  1. The majority of Lithuanians embracd the Germans (not necessarily the Nazis) as their liberators from the the Russian yoke and a very possible extermination Most Jews sided with the Russians in what was and is the Lithuanian “Holy Land” as Israel now is to many Jews. The Jewish Partisans were active under Russian commnand or control, and were involved in civilian killings. Warfare was “tribal” more than anything. One person’s hero is another’s anti-hero. Dovid Katz gets it right much of the time, but his perspective has become more and more myopic and one-sided. He absolutely refuses to accept the Gulag and Stalin’s genocide “on” the Lithuanians as having much importance in comparison to his own concerns.

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