YT has just received in the mail the new collection of Matvei Yankelevich’s poetry, “Boris by the Sea,” published by Octopus Books. It’s quite terrific. Matvei, the founding editor of the groundbreaking and steadily growing Ugly Duckling Presse, is also a highly talented and prolific translator and anthologist, one of the pre-eminent interpreters and proponents of the OBERIU school of writing and Daniil Kharms’s work in the US, among several other of his creative avatars — and a very smart, nimble, thoughtful, multi-dimensional poet in his own right.

Here’s a sample from the new book:

Who am I.

Recently this question did not worry me in the least.

It didn’t even come up.

I thought that it wasn’t even worth thinking about.

But when I lie awake at night under the blanket it is so dark

that I can’t see myself. I begin to touch myself —

I haven’t disappeared. Yes, that’s for sure. I haven’t disappeared.

But who is that. 

He went to one of the very first SLS-St. Petersburg programs, some ten years ago, and has been a good friend of SLS’s ever since. YT would like to congratulate him wholeheartedly on this new, and very significant, literary accomplishment.



  1. Thanks Misha and all at SLS… i loved being a student at SLS, and also teaching the “optional” lectures there for several summers… in Petersburg. Maybe someday it’ll happen again if in another city.


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