As reported by the Echo of Moscow radio <>: The amount of Haiti Relief aid, in rubles, donated to date by citizens of Russia through the Russian Red Cross, as per Tatiana Klenitskaya, the organization’s press officer: o.

0 rubles. Impressive! That would actually be a negative amount, in $US: 30 times less than zero.

One possible reason offered by Ms. Klenitskaya for this lack of response: Russians are satisfied with the amount and quality of aid already being provided to Haiti by the Russian government. (Is it actually being provided? That would be an interesting question to ask, provided there had been someone to be asked that question.)

YT’s  one possible explanation: strong, and not at all unjustified, surmise on the Russians’ part that any money donated to that or any other fund or organization, would end up stolen at some point along the way. Yet another salient reason: Russians just don’t give a damn about the lives of any people who don’t happen to be citizens of Russia, in which latter case they still don’t give a damn. They just don’t give a damn, period, and they sure don’t give no money. Just sky-high levels of all-out popular cynicism and general indifference there. No other  developed or developing country that one could think of comes anywhere close in that regard. Does this mean most people in Russia, at this point in time, happen to be worse human beings, mobjectively speaking, than most people in most other countries?.. Well. Objectivity is in the eye of the beholder. That probably would be too empirical a call to be knowable. More importantly, though, is the certainty of the fact that at this point in Russia’s history — as it had been the case many times before in Russia’s, generally abysmal, history — Russians are the distinctly worse people than their own selves even some twenty years ago. Sad indeed.



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