“Of course, today’s intelligentsia which is in the service of the current political power deserves even less respect than the cynical Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy [Novelist, playwright, historian, and short story writer, a former nobleman who immigrated to western Europe after the Bolshevik Revolution. He returned to Russia in 1923. Nicknamed “Comrade Count,” he was a supporter of Communist Party and honored artist receiving three Stalin Prizes — YT], because in his case, he could just be killed at any moment, very simply, whereas for these, today’s ones, there really could be no any serious consequences. Well, ok, so maybe the powers-that-be wouldn’t toss them another little sop of some kind from their largesse, some award or something, well, what of it? So what? They wouldn’t kill them, still, would they? So there is indeed a difference, and a very significant one” — Benedict Sarnov, Russian writer, in a Radio Liberty interview.


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