Read Kasia Juno Van Schaik’s prize-winning (and more importantly, genuinely fresh and strong) story, “Fox,” from last year’s Quebec writing competition. It’s just out in the latest issue of Maisonneuve magazine: http://maisonneuve.org/pressroom/article/2009/dec/13/fox/.

Kasia, who went to Vilnius with the SLS program last summer and, in recent past, took two year-long writing workshops with yours truly at Concordia University, has been winning quite a few prizes and awards lately. She’s really begun to hit her stride, broke the visibility barrier, took off like the proverbial rocket, passed through that invisible membrane which… well, whatever; feel free to come up with your own mixed metaphor. This couldn’t happen to a nicer, sweeter, more upbeat and unassuming person. Writers, as we all know, in general, are a sweet, modest, unassuming lot, but even against that backdrop of unrelentining beatitude, Kasia surely stands out, smiling and strumming her guitar. Did we mention she plays the guitar at a high level of professionalim and sings beautifully, too? We’re sad she’s left us for the soulless wilds of Toronto.


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