Darius Ross is a young Torontonian who, for the past ten years, has lived in Vilnius, working as a free-lance writer, editor and translator. Bilingual, diligent and possessed of a keen literary sense,  over time he has sought out and translated into English the work of just about every talented, up-and-coming writer in the country. This, imaginably, is one of the advantages of living in a small country at the time of its being caught in a slow, arduous transition from the dark fold of a fallen empire (the unlovely USSR) to the clamorous, overcrowded marketplace of Western hyper-modernity: given the right set of circumstances and qualifications, and the right frame of mind and cast of character, one could make a very large single-handed contribution indeed to the cause of putting it on the updated version of contemporary world’s literary map.

Darius’s own writing is sharp, witty, thoughtful, hard-edged and fast-paced.  This blogger, for one, finds it highly engaging and appealing. Here are a few samples of his non-fiction work:




The seminar he taught during the inaugural SLS-Lithuania program past summer, “Living in a Small Country,” was among our most popular offerings ever.


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