“Reminiscences of Joseph Brodsky,” a lecture by Ramunas Katilius

Below is an abstract of a lecture given on Nobel-Prize-winning poet Joseph Brodsky,  by a scholar and close friend of his, Ramunas Katilius, during the 2009 SLS Lithuania Program.

Click here to read the whole thing.

“In 1966, soon after his return from the exile to the North of Russia, Joseph Brodsky, then a Russian poet in disgrace, later – an American essayist, Nobel Prize Winner – came to Lithuania, where he found new devoted friends, including us – the Katilius family. Our friendship, especially lively in 1967–72, first in Vilnius and then in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), lasted until his very departure into emigration, and beyond. I was among those who accompanied him while leaving Soviet Union. And I was among those who laid him to rest at San Michele in Venice in 1997. In my lecture I shall try to represent Joseph Brodsky as I knew him, outlining his status in the Soviet society and the inevitability of the conflict, and attempting to describe the background for the Lithuanian motifs in Brodsky’s poetry.”


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